We get by with a little help from . . .

Circle of soul Shield The day begins as many others do, a cup of coffee and my laptop for a quick review of the day’s happenings and social snippets.  If you want others to know about anything, you can post/pin/tweet or put yourself on your own channel. 
      We are fortunate to have a family and beyond that some are granted an extra measure of blessing through friendships who give us a thumbs up or a share, a virtual pat on the back and words of encouragement. But since a click is all that is required to throw “some love” one’s way, can it compete with the real thing? What value do you place on those in your “amen” corner?      We show our commitment to a relationship with our actions, not our words and not only a click. Today I am grateful for the many who I consider friends who have shown me through their actions they support me. As a writer I didn’t realize the lens I would be looking through. A whole new appreciation of that word support. Who knew a budding dream was so fragile anyway? Testing the waters, the toe goes into the water and gradually with the courage you only prayed for, the whole body is immersed. With blue lips and chattering teeth we make our way, holding the hands of those on the shore as they help ease the stage fright and their one word of encouragement takes you through the next week. Words of encouragement are vital nutrients to feed our soul and the magical fuel helping weary spirits to soar once more. If you encouraged even one person today you did something wonderful. Everyone needs it, everyone.     
      Though life’s lessons we know most of the encouragement will have to come from our own personal belief in ourselves. Many times there are just no hands to hold. You adjust to the waters temperature and pray once more for skin that is just a bit thicker to sustain until a friendly hand grasps yours, and you continue on the journey. One evening at the end of a great day of family time, I gave my update to precious ears who always listen when I tell them about my book progress. I asked if they could gather outside, because I wanted a photo for my next book. There was not one complaint or even a question as to the reason, seriously my family is the bedrock of it all. This photo is on the back cover of my newest book Black Inferno. A shield with hands grasping around it. Our son took the picture while teetering on the railing of our deck, and holding the shield along with me are my husband, our three daughters, another son and my dad. Although my map is inadequate this picture is my beacon and who could ask for more than that?

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