Sheep counting can wait

   I am hoping you won’t hold me responsible for your loss of “shut eye” by indulging in my book Circle of Sun. Is it a soft easy chair that you like to curl up in while reading? Is it unkind to hope you are spellbound by the seemingly sleepy village of White Oak and stay up a bit past your bedtime?  Just as you unpack your bags and settle in, you must be prepared to batten the hatches and find something grounded to hold on to! Because that is the goal of this fiction author… to spin that soft easy chair, with you in it, up into the turbulent skies that threaten White Oak and it’s inhabitants. Quinn Clarke must convince herself that she believes what common sense is telling her about the tragic accident on the cliff that nearly cost her life. But her own voice of reason raises doubts that are fueled by the first warning, coming from a complete stranger. 

     I hope the web of intrigue is not only strong enough to capture your attention, but provides the best entertainment possible. Because that is what enjoying fiction is all about. Many of us never outgrow the enjoyment from a good story. I don’t know if you have read Circle of Sun yet, but if you haven’t you might want to prepare for an imaginary journey that may require you to pack a few bags and stay awhile. 

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