Once Upon a Time . . .

By the looks of my website, you can see the kind of genre I enjoy writing in. My  husband and my grandorables  have been after me for years to write a book for children. Although I love children’s books I didn’t see myself writing stories for the kiddos. Not until Karibou, our Alaskan Malamute joined the family. Karibou was a BIG PUPPY  that grew into a BIG DOG! We had owned two Mals before him, neither were as large, or as epic as him.blog-karibou


He was our family member, our Christmas Tree Farm mascot and friend to all. I mean the last part literally . . . he liked to socialize! He was the best ambassador, greeting every family car that arrived on our farm to choose that perfect tree for their holidays. Leading them out to the field, rolling over for belly rubs, swiping their candy canes and posing for pictures, this dog was the best! He also followed many cars off the property and showed up uninvited on neighbor’s doorsteps. If Farmer Bob turned his attention away, Karibou would be off on an adventure. We have been called to collect him from countless neighbors who greet us at the door with KARIBOU by their side! Yes, they always invite him in, and yes they feed him hot dogs and he’s even been allowed to crawl in bed with cranky kids that need naps!
    He has been in parades, headlined an ad campaign for our Slik Hound Dog collars, and been painted blue by an artist for Kansas City Royal’s pride. After each of his escapades I would imagine what he was up to . . .and that my friend, is where my stories were woven. 

My book has beautiful illustrations by Rembrandts Sister

My book has beautiful illustrations by Rembrandts Sister


I came up with a little mouse named Ollie who would become an unlikely best friend for the big white dog.  In Feb of 2017 I committed to writing a children’s book. But tragedy struck when our beautiful Karibou was killed by a car. We were heartbroken and shocked to lose our beloved puppy at 4.5 years. Needless to say, the passion for writing about him died too. But finally after several weeks, I felt “Ollie” lurking and waiting in my imagination. He wanted his story told! 

     What if a little mouse didn’t understand that fairytales are only stories? Ollie hears of a magical place called Fort Osage Farm, a land of Christmas trees. It is here that Ollie chooses to build his kingdom and rule his subjects. Now if he could only find a castle . . . and some subjects . . . and friends. 

     Ollie and Karibou are quite a pair, and I have adored writing these stories. The first “tale” in my newest series The Enchanted Farm at Fort Osage is ready to enjoy~The King of nobody Finds His Castle. 
     These are chapter books perfect for elementary school-aged children. They are perfect bedtime stories for the younger ones too. My stories are full of adventure, challenges and lessons of the heart. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have creating them. All souls young and old should have big dreams! This series reminds the young and the young at heart . . .  dreams can change the world. 

Although I will still be selling Circle of Sun books from this website, my new series is only available on Amazon in paperbook and ebook. 

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