Matchmaker, Matchmaker find me a match . . .


How many romances begin with a chance encounter?   I have a lovely friend who has been happily married for over a decade. But before she met her Prince Charming, she was searching. I am within the school of thought that if my single friend is looking to meet someone, it is my job to be on the lookout for a potential match for her. If you are blessed like me, I’ll bet you have lots of friends that fall into the “fantastic” category! In my heart I know the perfect match is walking this earth somewhere, and I earnestly want to be the catalyst that brings these two together.

Not that anyone has ever asked for my help. The closest thing to a request was a response from a girlfriend when I asked for a description of the “perfect one”.  I was given a rundown complete with bullet points and from that moment on, I was on the “lookout” for her.  I safely tucked her wish list in my heart and mentally referred to it each time I met a single gentleman.  Consequently, I don’t run in too many circles where I meet many single gentlemen. But when I do, I mentally go to work….

~Single ….(most important) CHECK

~ Tall…..CHECK

~Dark and mysterious…..CHECK

~Nice Smile…..CHECK

~Johnny Depp type …..CHECK

This creates a bit of excitement for me when I do meet someone, and I know my face is all bright and eager when I politely ask a few questions of him as I refer to my mental list.  And since I do not want to tip my hand about my selfless quest, it has become clear that the nature of my interest has often been misconstrued.  I might launch my “I have a friend” speech, but mostly they think I am the one interested. The ultimate backfire occurred as my husband overheard my inquisition process at a party and I don’t have to tell you I am no longer allowed to play cupid, or even keep mental lists for my friends. He then reminds me that I have never even come close to actually matching anyone…ever.

Thankfully my friend and her Prince Charming found each other without my help. I still have some very dear friends and even family that I feel may require my assistance.  Despite his disapproval, I am compelled to form a mental list for each of them. If an unexpected candidate comes into my radar who potentially could be a match, I must go directly into full “cupid ninja” mode.  Chance meeting?  Sure… call it whatever you want, just keep it under your hat. Am I the only one here?? Comments welcomed!

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