Tell Me a Story. . .

25d5d77dbdc0c41b7aef3ef9cffcfe83From the very moment I could read Dick and Jane I have been mesmerized by books. Parents are on the right track when they place so much value on reading and comprehension and my parents were no different. It was my Mother’s love of reading and the excitement she instilled in us each time we visited the library that got this whole love affair rolling. To add to it she was a very good storyteller. Along with Nancy Drew Mysteries, it was my mother’s stories (mostly spooky) that sealed the deal for this girl. My mother told me many times, “Between the covers of a book, you can visit foreign lands, learn about other cultures, be anyone you want.” Seeing her armload of diverse choices placed in front of the library lady gave me all the permission I needed to explore any frontier I desired. Thank you, Mom. ;)

As a child I read everything from the back of the shampoo bottle to the entire back of the cereal box. I read the newspaper in its entirety since I was in 10. (bored???) I devoured the summer reading program lists and took that love of reading all the way to today. I started writing short stories and poetry in junior high and high school. I still have all of those poems in a folder….oh my. How fortunate I was to have a gifted teacher, Mrs. Schoepf who fanned the flames to further my education in literature. I also still have many of the books of poetry from that time.  The song lyrics of Carol King and Bernie Taupin were some of the most beautiful poetry I enjoyed.  I found so much beauty in the written word, and would revisit it often. I have many books that contain poems that feel like old friends.

Perhaps that is why I decided to write a book. Through the years, when an item I found compelling would cross my path, I tucked it neatly away for a day when I might write a book. Change was the catalyst that started me on this journey. Like a security blanket, expressing myself by keeping a journal,  saved my sanity more times than I can count. It was during a particularly difficult time for me that I had to dive even deeper inside myself to cope. It was during that time that I was given one of the greatest gifts, healing through a creative outlet. Some of you may cook, paint, sing, design or create a masterpiece from some medium. I never have been so satisfied in my life. The joy that I get from writing feels like downright bliss. It’s true, time has a way of healing, but now that my passion is ignited I have eagerly eloped with it, never to return to a world where I am not writing. If each day could allow me at least a few hours of working on my book, I am as happy as a clam. I thank God everyday for my passion.

“You conceive your world in your mind

and then create it with your hands.” ~Chris Widener


Today I am writing the sequel to Circle of Sun. What is most important to me is entertainment. I am hoping you will be swept away from reality for a bit. Our minds could use a little escape that is legal, low calorie and inexpensive! So if mystery and suspense is your cup of tea, I hope you will pour yourself a steaming serving and let me tell you a story.

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