We get by with a little help from . . .

 The day begins as many others do, a cup of coffee and my laptop for a quick review of the day’s happenings and social snippets.  If you want others to know about anything, you can post/pin/tweet or put yourself on your own channel.        We are fortunate to have a family and beyond that some are […]

There is Fruit in the Land of Uncomfortable

Ok, something incredible just happened! A box arrived! I already know what the box contains, I have been tracking it for days. It’s my first shipment of BLACK INFERNO! You might think I’d rip the box open and grab the top book to hold the product representing so much of my time, energy and passion. […]

A couple of Nuns, a Priest, some shoes & Mom

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom! Happy memories are the storybooks of our past. How blessed we are if we have many of them stored within our hearts. Taking one off the shelf to “read” and enjoy as often as we wish. Here is one of my favorites. My Mom was not really like other […]

Tell Me a Story. . .

From the very moment I could read Dick and Jane I have been mesmerized by books. Parents are on the right track when they place so much value on reading and comprehension and my parents were no different. It was my Mother’s love of reading and the excitement she instilled in us each time we […]

Sheep counting can wait

   I am hoping you won’t hold me responsible for your loss of “shut eye” by indulging in my book Circle of Sun. Is it a soft easy chair that you like to curl up in while reading? Is it unkind to hope you are spellbound by the seemingly sleepy village of White Oak and stay […]

Matchmaker, Matchmaker find me a match . . .

How many romances begin with a chance encounter?   I have a lovely friend who has been happily married for over a decade. But before she met her Prince Charming, she was searching. I am within the school of thought that if my single friend is looking to meet someone, it is my job to be […]

She is impatient

Quinn, the heroine in my book “Circle of Sun” is sitting at my table with an impatient look on her face. I mean….it has to be hard to have nothing to do until the keys on my computer mold something together for this chick to do.  Like a cast on a movie set taking a break, my […]