Rabbit Holes

        It was an innocent notion that would take me down a rabbit hole so deep, I was looking for a white rabbit and a Cheshire cat. I did encounter lots of weird things, the most peculiar being a FLUX. What is a FLUX you ask? You will soon find out, and […]

Once Upon a Time . . .

By the looks of my website, you can see the kind of genre I enjoy writing in. My  husband and my grandorables  have been after me for years to write a book for children. Although I love children’s books I didn’t see myself writing stories for the kiddos. Not until Karibou, our Alaskan Malamute joined […]

Eye of the Storm

Kim’s Column Christmas Trees Magazine~World’s Leading Magazine for Christmas Tree Growers Volume 42, No.4 Nov. 2016- Our most recent selling season preparation: I’m loitering, lurking . . . anticipating. I casually meander over to the rim of the canyon and peer down. I only catch a glimpse of the swirling vortex before I look away […]

A Halloween Tale

Upon a heavy bed of dry maple leaves, she strums the melody Jon showed her. Cass escapes reality when she plays her guitar. An annoying fly dances with death, landing on her over and over, and ending her peaceful play. Autumn flies are slow but defiant clinging to the shirttails of summer. Time to head […]

The Manicured Farmer-Oct. 2016

  I admire all of you who own and operate “choose and harvest” tree farms. The art of producing quality trees and the skill required in marketing that product requires a box filled with varied and unique tools. At this point in our journey we have acquired a nice stash of tools but perhaps like […]

A Beetle Rodeo

     The sun comes up the sun goes down, and with the consistency of the rotating of the earth you can pretty much count on that. But everything else reminds me of the experience viewed from the seat of a bicycle as you travel down the sidewalk just after your dad has removed the training […]

Miles away and years pass, home has a way of finding you.

Prairie Du Chien Wisconsin was the beginning. When you are far from home, home has a way of finding you. A small town in Wisconsin right on the Mississippi river is where my roots grow deep. Growing up near the river provided a storehouse of memories related to the water. One brilliant summer day our […]

Christmas Tree Growing/Bumps and Bruises and Mr. B.

For those of you who don’t know, being a Christmas tree grower is unique. You plant from seedlings and your harvest comes IN SEVEN OR EIGHT YEARS!     Ugh! Mr. B and I took the appropriate two to three weeks to recoil from our intense Christmas Tree Farm selling season. It was a wonderful season in […]

Flipped My Flop~It’s SUMMER!

I would consider myself an autumn girl. Summer not so much, but after a long winter we would all like to be summer girls. I was preparing mentally for the outing. Tonight was the night I would sit in my lawn chair and see both Gran~dorables 8 & 5, field the ball, hit the ball […]

The Winery is Open

     I’m not exactly sure how one experience translates to another, but I know it goes through a process called “Kim’s imagination” and then it comes out the other side. Take this experience for example. I am home alone, my family out of town. The weather takes an ugly turn, and the rain and wind […]